DCCF Celebrates World Cancer Day #ChildhoodCancerSucks

A day like this reminds us that Cancer is Real and so many lives have gone in the past, then again, there are so many survivors walking the face of the earth and doing great. The theme for this year is ‘We Can I Can’ and it still goes down to emphasize the importance of the role of everyone in this battle, from the general society, to Organisations both corporate, religious and all, we all have a major role to play, let’s play our role and do our best to stop this menace engulfing our world.
Remember while you fold your hands and look on, Cancer is no respecter of persons, colour or Age, it can affect anyone but together we will Stop Cancer.


World Cancer Day!
A little throw back to our Children’s day awareness march 2017 as these awesome kids marched and raised voices on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria, to Say ‘No To Cancer’. Yes, We Can, I Can!

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