DCCF community – a team of charity driven addicts

Happy Thursday friends!
We are excited cos our DCCF community is growing by the day, we are building a team of charity driven addicts with a passion to touch lives and we won’t stop until Childhood Cancer becomes a thing of the past.
Some DCCF friends came by, with goodies for our little soldiers and the ward, at the last open visit we discussed that it would be great to have rechargeable fans for our different rooms on the ward, the weather is too hot now and to think that these kids and their care givers will have to bear the heat in addition to their pains is unbearable, so our friends got us three (3) rechargeable fans and very cute teddies for all our soldiers. Thanks to you all, Ms Mags, Mr Joseph, Mr Emeka, Mrs Winnie… We appreciate you all.
We still need three more rechargeable fans for the remaining rooms just in case you want to gift us… Yea… You!!! You, reading this😁

Thanks to you all for your support, we will keep inspiring hope and keep pushing, one day at a time. Remember, Cancer is not a respecter of persons, it is not contagious and it is not a death sentence…

#ChildhoodCancerSucks #Fortheloveofachild #Letscreateawareness#TeamDCCF #dccf1kchallenge #welovewhatwedowewontstop#dccfsmarchagainstchildhoodcancer2018


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