From Our Founder’s Desk

From Our Founder’s Desk.

The year has been good to us, we are grateful to God and to you all for your support.
When we started Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation, we started with the sole intent to inspire hope and impact into lives, through dedication, passion and Love, today over 18months after, we are still here, doing what we set out to do from day 1 and not ready to compromise standards, we want to lead and spur others to do more and we hope that 2018 will see more bodies rising up to join this fight against Childhood Cancer in Nigeria.

On the 12th of December 2017, Blooming Greens Schools raised the sum of #272,000 for Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation, we at the foundation decided we were going to buy a mobile oxygen Concentrator for the ward but after we had made our intentions known to the management of the ward, we were informed that some other group had donated that and so we thought of something else that was needed to be taken care of at the ward and the Isolation Room came to mind. This room is meant to be a mini-ICU in a developed society but ours here was nothing to write home about. We knew the #272,000 was not going to sort it out but we were determined to fix it and with 7-10days to our Merry Gold-Red Christmas, we set to work and changed the face of the Isolation room of the pediatric oncology ward LUTH.

Below is a breakdown of the total funds raised this period and the expenses done…

2 Brand New Crank beds #130,000
2 Brand New Mattresses # 25,000
Painting of the room # 50,000
Curtains and partitioning # 55,800
Fixing of room sockets, fans $ AC # 19,000
Door net # 6,000
Purchase of McIntosh,
for mattresses # 4,000
2 Brand New Drawers # 9,000
Sewing of McIntosh for
mattresses and chair covers # 7,000
Singing Santa Claus dummy # 25,000
Provisions, disinfectants
$ toiletries # 46,200
Diapers # 9,000
Water # 5,000
Ribena (16 by 150ml) *6 # 4,200
Drinks # 5,000
Christmas wear for baby David # 5,500
Balloons for the day # 1,000
Late Idara’s Mum,
support for TFare back to base # 10,000
Support for Baby Timi’s discharge
From hospital (23/12/17) # 7,000
Miscellaneous # 22,000

Total #455,700.

Funds raised :
Blooming Greens Schools #272,000
Merry Gold-Red Christmas
donations #237,500

Total funds raised : #509,500

Total funds raised – Total expenditure
#509,500 – #455,700 = #53,800

Special thanks to Mrs Abisola Adedeji and Mrs Tope Yomi-Adeyemi, your constant donations over the months ensures that we can buy drugs for our little soldiers, sort out hospital bills and also keep the foundation running, your support has been immense and we are very grateful.
To all our ambassadors, Dada Omowunmi, Iyabo Ojo, Mabel Makun, Yaw, Julius Agwu and everyone very passionate about the DCCF dream, we love and appreciate you all.
To all our volunteers, you guys are the best, you make this work seem so easy, God bless you all graciously and strengthen us for the work ahead, I love you guys specially. To all our Little soldiers, you are the reason I am here and I pray that God grants you all a special gift of healing this season, we love you so much and we promise to always be here for you.

Thanks to everyone, for standing by us, believing in us and supporting us, God bless you all immensely.
I wish you all an awesome celebration this season and a blessings filled 2018.

Matilda Williams-Obiajunwa.

Please check out the before and after pictures of the Isolation room.

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