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First thing this morning, we woke up to the following text messages, it’s a normal routine and all of the time, we do the best we can without coming here to announce, but on getting to the ward today, we realised that there was so much that needs to be done and so much pain and tension everywhere. We delivered the drugs we could at the time as you will see below but needed to reach out to you all to help us do the best we can for the following kids as soon as possible. We know times are tough but you can just be that one person that God has laid in your heart to help put smile on someone’s face this week, kindly drop your token or help us purchase the drugs at a well renowned pharmacy and we will come pick up. We also promise to inform you all as soon as we are able to resolve the pending needs of these kids, in order not to bug you any further. Whatever be the case, you might as well just help us share this post to someone who will be kind enough to send in a token to save a child warrior’s life.

Today, we paid for 2 fresh frozen plasma for Motunrayo battling Infantile fibro-sarcoma @8,500 * 2 = #18,000

Timothy (18yrs) battling Hodgkins lymphoma got 1 Doxorubicine =#3,500
1 Bleomycin = #5,500
1 Vinblastin = #5,000
1 Dacarbazine = #4,000

Isaac (8yrs) battling Rhabdomyosarcoma got 2 Carboplatin #7,000*2 = #14,000
2 Etoposide #2,500*2 = #5,000

We still need your help with the following:

Isaac needs 2 Etoposide 100mg @#2,500*2 (#,5000)
1 Carboplatin 150mg @#7,000

Timothy needs 2 Doxorubicine 50mg @#3,500*2 (#7,000)
2 Bleomycin 15iu @ #5,500 *2 (#11,000)
15 Vinblastin 10mg @#5,000 *15 (#75,000)
45 Decarbazine 200mg @#4,000 * 45 (#180,000)

Motunrayo needs 8 more fresh frozen plasma @ #8,500 * 8 (#68,000)

Please do not look away, no one should fight this alone… Please!!! For the Love of A Child.

Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation
First Bank acct : 3108051600
God bless you all for your support. #PleaseShare


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