Our Merry Gold-Red Christmas 2 for our little soldiers battling Cancer

We are super excited about our Merry Gold-Red Christmas2 for our little soldiers battling Cancer.
For the Love of a Child… Let’s share love this season.

First Bank Acct: 2031038920
Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation.

Thanks to Pastor Mrs Patricia Opa-Williams for ministering to us, our guests and our little Soldiers.
God bless you Ma, we appreciate.

Big Cola also remembered our little soldiers and sent in drinks at the last minute when we least expected, thanks so much to Ajeast Nigeria for their continued support, we are grateful.

We are still excited, Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks everyone, God bless you all.
#ChildhoodCancerSucks #Fortheloveofachild #MerryGoldRedChristmas2



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