Thank you for the success of 2016

From All of Us at Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation, it’s been an awesome year for us and even though all we want for Christmas is a lasting and permanent cure for childhood Cancer, We still believe in Inspiring Hope and putting smiles on the faces of our little Soldiers, it’s Sad enough that they are fighting sooo hard at such tender ages, the best we can do is to make the world they live in a better place, keep Hope Alive for them and trust that sometime soon, Santa’s gift to us will be a permanent cure for childhood cancer. Till then, please don’t stop supporting us, don’t stop supporting them, we all need each others support one way or another, let’s keep showing Love, it’s a season to merry, it’s a season to give back and it’s a season to be someone’s miracle!
Thanks soooo much and Merry Christmas from #TEAMDCCF


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