The pain! Loosing Ayo

Today we went all the way to Ogun state to see Ayomidipupo’s parents, pray with them and also encourage them cos at a time like this, they need all the support and love they can get to pull through the pains of loosing angel Ayo. We are happy to know that they are doing well, Daddy Ayo is going to start a poultry and he hopes the time he will be investing in taking care of the chicks and watching them grow will help him get over Ayo, it’s usually not that easy but we hope for the best and wish them well. We blessed them with a token to help them in starting afresh cos the treatment of cancer can render a family hopeless, because we understand and care, we will try to make sure they move on fast through counselling and support. That is what the Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation is about, We Empathise, We Care, We Support. Please join us…

So this is us at Apoti area of Atan Local government area in Ogun state earlier today, #ForTheLoveOfAChild
#ChildrenCancerisReal #TheRealityleavesfamilydevastated#childrencancerawarenessadvocate #DaivyanChildrenCancerFoundation


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