Daivyan Chukwuechetam Obiajunwa

Daivyan is a very lively child with absolute love for everyone and eagerness to make everyone,anyone happy through his killer-smile that just melts your heart and makes you fall in love with him over and over again.
These qualities of Daivyan made it impossible for his parents not to give up on him when Daivyan got diagnosed with Wilms tumor, (Nephroblastoma which is cancer of the kidney) in August 2015,a news that almost shattered their whole lives as they had no idea where and how to raise money for his treatment or how possible it is that their little champ will scale through it.
From Daivyan they got all the strength they needed to help him fight the battle,hoping against hope that no matter what, their darling son will live to be a symbol of hope to other children diagnosed of cancer.
Daivyan through his different processes keeps fighting hard,he is a bundle of joy and inspiration to everyone around him including his team of doctors,he never stops smiling, even when he is in pain,he still musters a smile and this is and has always been the strength,his mother says she needs to keep moving on.
Trying to raise funds for Daivyan’s treatment was not easy at all,getting people to believe that children are also susceptible to cancer, and the traumatic experience of the whole journey…these have inspired the birth of the Daivyan children’s cancer foundation.
Daivyan is doing great, he has done six pre-operative chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and six post-operative chemotherapy, he is doing great because he has God and everyone on his side.

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