DAIVYAN Children Cancer Foundation was birthed to provide medical and financial support to children and parents of children with all forms of childhood cancer. Our focus is to facilitate early detection/diagnosis; research and education; as well as treatment and post-treatment intensive care. As parents who have gone through the burden of caring for a child through all the processes of cancer treatment, we will be providing access to relevant, accurate information, as well as emotional and practical support to parents in this situation.
Our strategy is to involve kids in school to create awareness; engage parents in group discussions to facilitate learning and adoption of cultural lessons for parental support; set up a dedicated care center for children with cancer; bring together stakeholders as focal facilitators of funding and community action towards ensuring childhood cancer projects are executed with assured and measured impact; initiate hospital and corporate partnerships to help manage incidences and cancer emergencies.
We rely majorly on donations from concerned Corporates, Individuals and Sponsors of children with cancer. Funds raised are used to provide all-encompassing support – from direct practical help to the children and their families and those involved in the treatment – to necessary equipment.


To execute awareness campaigns and galvanize local and International efforts towards the early detection of childhood cancer cases in Nigeria.


To be a foremost advocate, deploying efforts and utilizing available platforms to pursue the survival of childhood cancer patients and inspiring hope for caregivers.


A 7 point objective drives within us the energy to achieve our vision

  • Reduce suffering where no cure is available through research, diagnosis and treatment
  • Improving early detection and facilitating effective treatment
  • Improve survival rate by connecting trained doctors to cancer patients
  • Engage children in leading campaigns against childhood cancer
  • Create and manage parent groups on childhood cancer across the country
  • Set up a center that fosters pre and post  childhood cancer treatments
  • Champion a cause within the Sustainable Development Goal agenda

Our values serve as inspiration to achieve our goals

  • We care about kids
  • We can be trusted to deliver
  • We are accountable
  • We go far together
  • We are responsible for a better world

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