Our Story

Daivyan Chukwuechetam Obiajunwa is a little child who is 6 months above 2 years, a very intelligent boy, always ready to flash a charming smile, full of life with a forward looking and ‘never say die’ attitude. He is quick to learn and eager to share with an uncanny will to live against all odds.
As parents, we smile with joy when we see our children live with happiness. On the other hand, we become grieved when we see a happy child suffer from an unknown disease. We believe that every child deserves to live without suffering from cancer but reality hit us so badly when our little kid, Daivyan was diagnosed of cancer in 2015. Before we found out it was cancer, we had done more than 5 undetected diagnosis from hospital to hospital, treating various non – existing ailments.
Our resolve to see our son survive and not suffer after being diagnosed of Nephroblastoma also known as Wilms Tumor or Kidney Cancer, took us on a sojourn to far away India to seek medical help where treatment for stage 4 cancer was commenced, the treatment regime Involved Pre-operative Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Post- operative chemotherapy (Today He Is A Survivor).

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