Today is almost gone but it’s one day I will never forget in a hurry…
Two major events took place today, but right now I don’t know which to share first, the good or the bad news; Let me start with how the day went, now We had the live interview on Classic FM 97.3 with Nansa of Babies and Mama’s, interview went so well and so many of our friends have called and sent messages of how they listened to the interview and are very proud of what we are doing, thanks so much for the feedback, we really appreciate them cos they encourage us to keep going and wanting to do more. Now as we stepped out of the studio, heading to the car, @matdivdavy ‘s phone rings and it’s Ayomidipupo’s mum; now for those of you that don’t know Ayo, little Ayo is just about 4yrs old diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare kind of cancer, he was moved from one hospital to another, to over 12hospitals before he was brought to Luth where his family was informed that the young chap had cancer and at this point the cancer had spread all over his body, you all will remember our visit to the hospital on @matdivdavy’s birthday as a result of the urgent call by Ayo’s mum, well all that pain, fear and so much money spent by Ayo’s family is all gone because this morning Ayo passed on, his mum is unconsolable and this is yet another death amongst many that has claimed the lives of many children in these our parts. Ayomidipupo was loved by us all at the foundation,his strength, his voice whenever he pressurises his mum to call @matdivdavy and he goes…when are you coming to See Me? Or am fine! When asked ‘how are you doing?’ but today He has gone to rest, away from the pains of cancer and the world, we are devastated but we only pray that God consoles the family. Now again I ask you, what can you do as an individual, a group or society to support children battling cancer and their families cos #NoChildShouldSufferThisAlone
Finally with a heavy heart but with immense Gratitude to God and a huge thanks to you our friends and family, We are happy to announce to you that we, The Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation won the Connected Lagos #Dash Challenge 2016,it gives us joy to know that God got our back and you all believe in us, we have had two successful events in less than 7months of our inception and this is a feather added to our cap, we will continue to impact in lives, create awareness so that there will be no more Emmanuels’ and Ayos’ paying the huge price of lack of awareness, plus we will always be there to support, love and care for as many children that cross our paths. We will continue to make you all proud.
#ChildrenCancerIsReal #LetsCreateAwareness #Earlydetectioniskey#ChildrenCancerAwarenessAdvocate #DaivyanChildrenCancerFoundation#PleaseSayAPrayerForAyomidipupo #AnotherLittleSoldierHasFallen


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