Fund Raising for drugs #ChildhoodCancerSucks

A few weeks ago, we visited the Pediatric oncology ward as we always do, in the course of our rounds with the families, one of the children was to start chemotherapy and as a common recurrence, the mother complained that they didn’t have money to buy the drugs, we raised the sum within 24hrs, courtesy of Ms Mags Saba (Headteacher of Blooming Greens School) and DCCF funds, we got the drugs, a total of #80,400 and Idara’s mother was excited That her daughter was going to receive her treatments. She finished that 2nd course of chemotherapy, was doing well until she started reacting to the drugs. We still saw her two days ago, then today we got a call from her mother that Idara passed on this morning.

Sometimes, the money for treatment is available but the adverse effects of the drugs ends up taking their lives, sometimes the drugs are not available and the lack of treatment ends up taking their lives, in the end we can only keep fighting and ensuring that we do our best to give them the best support available while we can, knowing always, in the end that we did our best.

We will not stop inspiring hope, that is all we have to do and hopefully someday there will be a permanent breakthrough.

Please pray for Idara’s family as her soul gets to find peace with our creator.



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