Fight Cancer For the Leaders of Tomorrow – #GoGoldInSeptember

Fight Cancer For the Leaders of Tomorrow - #GoGoldInSeptemberEveryday we strive to make life better for Children battling one type of childhood Cancer or the other, We try to raise the awareness level by doing our best to ensure that everybody we cross their paths go away enlightened on this scourge, it’s ills and how we can jointly inspire hope cos really it is a tough journey and as such no one can fight it alone, hence the need for collaborative effort.
September is almost here, September is international Childhood Cancer Awareness month! In September, we hope to up awareness for Childhood Cancer to the next highest possible level cos in creating awareness, people get to know and in knowing, early diagnosis is increased and when there is increased early diagnosis, survival rates will surely increase.
Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation has been working tirelessly to ensure that we make the best use of September as one month is not enough to create awareness but we will try.
First we will be launching the awareness month on Friday, the 1st of September at Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos by 6pm; Come and light a candle in honour of all our little soldiers gone to this scourge, light a candle to support those currently battling and tell all our survivors we are proud they made it out of that journey and they have our support always. We all have been affected by this menace one way or the other, let’s make this count.
As we proceed with our campaigns, We shall let you know about other events lined up for the month. We need support and all the partnerships and collaborations we can get to pull this through. Please feel free to contact any of the team Members for any info or partnership plans.
Also feel free to make donations to support the success of this event…
First Bank, Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation acct no: 2031038920
Our Dom acct number : First Bank 2032275865
Let’s make this count… For the Love of A Child!!!
#Welovewhatwedowewontstop#SeptemberIsAlmostHere #GoGoldInSeptember#LetsLightACandletogether


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