Support a Soldier

Thanks to your donations, We are able to keep inspiring hope in the lives of childhood cancer victims, supporting them every step of the way.
Little Timilehin Folarin (9yrs) has been battling Hodgkins lymphoma for quite a number of years now, we have been supporting them to the Best of our capabilities.
He is due to leave for radiotherapy treatment in UCH Ibadan as the radiotherapy machine in LUTH is currently not working. They have a current bill of #122,500, this bill is broken down as follows,
Current hospital bill: #35,000
Oxygen used so far: (#5,000*7days) #35,000
Seven pints of blood:(each screened at #7,500)

Thanks to your support, we were able to sort out the bill for 4 pints of blood, we still hope to clear as much as we can in the next couple of days.
We have to spread whatever funds we have amongst as many kids as possible, Chikamso is a little champ currently battling retinoblastoma, Timothy is also fighting, after 6years he is currently battling a secondary Cancer but we are grateful to God and you all for helping us support all these kids, may God bless you all.
Please you can still join our DCCF Community, just a token of #1,000 every month will help us make an impact, inspire hope and help them look forward to tomorrow. You can send us your number to join the group or just send your token to:

First Bank account : 3108051600
Daivyan Children Cancer Foundation.

We appreciate you all, God bless you.

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